The Hardwired Hinterland

Welcome to the Hardwired Hinterland

The First Adventure!

Episode 1
It actually turned out pretty cool. DG created Nick Samson, action aviator, and I went with Dr. Douglas Quest, scientist/inventor. Making characters were pretty painless once I learned to count to six and action began with an A and not a T. :-)

Nick and Doug come from a 1930’s earth where they were investigating strange diappearences in the Bermuda Triangle at the request of the OSI. They unfortunately found it. One strange vortex later… they land in Nick’s special seaplane, the Betty, on a most unusual island. After orientation the Doc is a bit put off that most of his scientific knowledge has been put into a tail spin and that they are new rules in the Hardwired Hinterland than just don’t jive with reality as he knew it. Also, the rules can change from island to island. The first order of business is to get the Betty air-worthy again and Nick trained to fly in the bizarre world. So Douglas take a temp gig with the medical staff at the orientation center. It far from glorious, but it gets the bills paid and allows us to by parts for the Betty.

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Nick passes his course and gets a job running freight for the Wing and a Pray guys where he does indeed run into air pirates and makes some new enemies. :-)

We get the Betty up to spec (for this world) and decide to do some courier duty for Wing and a Pray. First job is to fly some fat cat to Eta Wongo for business and leisure. We had to call it at the casino airport due to time. Five hours just zipped on by.

I wouldn’t mind revisiting this setting and game system.


Good fun. Still getting used to the bidding mechanics of Tomorrow’s Yesterday. I believe I slipped in two statements instead of one when Hansen fought the Pacific Lothario, but Kedamono was gracious enough to make my second detail a part of Hana Awei’s actions. I feel the session (and the game overall) really took off once we got to Pirate Island. The quirks, the characters, the mysteries all coming together; ending it all with a real sense of direction and looming adventure.

kedamono kedamono

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