The Hardwired Hinterland

Ark Lightning!

Gangstas, Pirates, Hinterpol, and Team Quest fight for the Ark of the Covenant!

Last we saw our heroes, they were perched on top of the temple complex, and John Cohen, was signaling the Hinterpol airship to come in and pick them up. That’s when someone started shooting at them. Everyone took cover, except for Snapper Hansen, who got shot in the leg for his troubles. He went down, swearing. The Cobra Kid and Doctor Quest rushing to his aid. More tommy gun fire is delivered, making everyone to keep their heads down.

Gangster firing a tommy gun

Meanwhile the sound of two RPGs went off and the smoke trails of rocket propelled grenades traced a line up in the sky and hit the Hinterpol airship. Two of its ballonets were damaged and it limped away, dumping ballast.

Damaged airship

Everyone on top of the temple began returning fire with their pistols to no effect. One of the Hinterpol agents is hit and falls down the side of the temple, that is, until the scything blades pop out and chop him to bits. Doc Quest swore and started working on super-sizing his lightening crystal modification.

Meanwhile, they spot the five individuals with the crate containing the Ark. Four are carrying it, the other has his hands tied behind his back and is being urged on by the others. John Cohen recognizes him as Peter Cohen. Since they are closer, the group starts shooting at them, winging one of them, and making them to take cover.

Doc Quest finishes his modifications, and says that it will enable everybody to float down to the ground… more or less. Everyone lines up and jump into a hail of fire, the small lightening crystal glowing redly! Suddenly, it flares and burns out 10 feet off the ground. Everyone hits the sand rolling with the impact and the Mighty Hansen leaps up and charges the four gangsters in a hail of bullets.

Reaching his intended victim, he delivers a mighty punch into the face of the felon, shattering bone and leaving a Hansen fist-shaped impression in the flesh. Doc Quest circles around and tries to surprise one of them but is spotted. “Look out, that ginger is over there!”

One thing that everyone notices is that the thugs are partially covered in blood. No one can figure out why.

Nick Samson rushes forward with a flying kick to the head and hits the gangsta in the mutton chops and knocks him out.

One of the gangsters grabs Peter and puts a gun to his head. “Drop your weapons, or I’ll drill him.”

The other gangster shoots a Hinterpol agent. The Hinterpol agents won’t shoot, as they are sworn to serve and protect.

One of the pirates doesn’t have those qualms, and shoots the gangster in the head. The surviving gangster surrenders. He does mention that the two tommy guns were headed this way.

The two tommy guns are seen dodging from statue to statue. Doc Quest warns them that they are outnumbered. That’s when one of the gangsters pulls the pin on a grenade and tosses it at the group. The Mighty Hansen leaps into action, catching the grenade, spins and throws it back at the person who had tossed it. The words “Oh shi…” are followed by an explosion.

The survivor surrenders, tossing out his tommy gun, pistol, bandoleer of grenades, RPG launch tube, and two more RPGs.

They decide that the Ark should be taken to a museum and put on display. The airship limps over and heads for the Helium vent for a refill, as they try to patch one of the ballonets with the remains of the other.

They gather up the surviving Blackwell men, and find out that Peter was kidnapped by Blackwell and tortured by the Butcher Boy. He shows a foot long section of skin that’s healing back from where Blackwell skinned a section off.

They set up camp, and wait for the return of the airship. It takes a day for the airship to return, Doc Quest uses his time to set the facial bones of the thug who had his face broken. The pirates return for their spark plugs and any extra fuel.

The airship returns with a patched ballonet, and the groups separate and head their different ways. They stop at Anson’s Kingdom to refuel, and for Doc Quest to pass out disinformation as to why they went there. The trip to New Akron runs into another thunderstorm, but Samson pilots through it with ease. Landing at Noonan Field in the driving rain, they are met by Davenport who wants them to make a special trip to New Old New York. Only after offering them double pay, they get a bite to eat, refueled and the cargo loaded up. They fly out of the storm that’s hitting New Akron, they arrive at New Old New York and land at LaGuardia airport.

They have to rent a truck to deliver the crates to a place called Wardenclyffe.

Tesla Wardenclyffe station wide

As they pull up, they see that the giant tower behind the building is sparking, bolts of electricity playing across it. Then the lights go out in the building and the sparks stop, followed by a flash and a boom from within the building, blowing out some windows.

A tall man, dressed in a labcoat and goggles, staggers out of the building, his hair a mess, with a clean patch were the goggles used to be. He’s followed by others and some smoke. His name is Egon Spengler, and with his fellow scientists, Venkman and Stantz, they are trying to get Wardenclyffe back online. Doc Quest joins their newsletter and they head on out to spend the night in New York.

New Old New York

Next morning, Hansen wakes up tired and finds that his feet are muddy. He has a talk with his talisman, and stows it in his pocket. It turns out that night, someone broke into a jewelry store. But the thieves were found beaten senseless in a muddy ditch.

They fly back to new Akron, back into the thunderstorm that’s sitting over the environ. They settle in and Doc has another liaison with Jessie, Sacha’s wife. He tells her what he was up to, but when she sees the picture of Joe next to his father, she goes white with worry. The evening ends early and she leaves, after giving Doc a peck on the cheek…


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