African Talisman

A mystic talisman that grants the wearer psychic invisible


A mystic African talisman that grants the wearer psychic invisibility. To invoke the powers of this item, the user must spend a hero point. The item lasts as long as the power is required. This item does not make the wearer silent, nor does it hide his shadow.

Flavor text: The Talisman is in the shape of a small African tribal mask that hangs about the neck of the user. When it’s powers are invoked by incanting “Huwezi kuona mimi!”, it grows in size and covers the users face. While he wears this item, no one can bear to look at him and they all avoid looking directly at him. He is effectively invisible. When he removes the mask, it returns to its original size and others can bear to look at the user again.

  • Mystic Invisibility [+4]

African Talisman

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