The Mighty Hansen PDQ

The selfsame fighting-man you know and love.


Lance ‘Snapper’ Hansen

Hero Points: 5
Experience: 3

Motivation: Adventure! (see new places, know exotic dames, kick ass)

  • Expert [+4] The Gentlemanly Art of Boxing
  • Expert [+4] Reputation: The Mighty Hansen
  • Expert [+4] Strongman
  • Good [+2] Dashing Cauliflowers
  • Good [+2] Punchy Wisdom
  • Poor [-2] A Touch of Hubris

The African Talisman

  • Master [+6] Mystic Invisibility
  • Poor [-2] Curse of Attraction

Mental: OOOO OO

The Gentlemanly Art of Boxing covers the lofty science of bludgeoning by fist or mitt. Reputation: The Mighty Hansen covers moxie and the weight of the name. Strongman speaks for itself. Dashing Cauliflowers represent a certain oafish appeal, a battered allure, the glamour of the fighting-man. Punchy Wisdom comes with travelling the world and taking blows to the head; experience and the wits not to stick your nose where it hurts, you know, most of the time. A Touch of Hubris: not so much vanity, but certainly a skewed estimation of ability; biting off more than you can chew.


The Mighty Hansen PDQ

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