The Mighty Hansen

Lance Hansen, 'The Mighty Hansen', Man of Action! A broad-shouldered semi-pro pugilist travelling the world, slaying dames and licking contenders.


Player: Wilhelm
Name: Lance Hansen, ‘The Mighty Hansen’
Of Action

Peril: 4

Action!: 5
Science!: 2
Mystery!: 3
Romance!: 4

A – Fighting Style – The Gentlemanly Art of Boxing

A – Side Kick – The Cobra Kid
Action!: 3 (Pugilist, Driver, Marathon Runner)
Science!: 2 (Medicine, Repair)
Mystery!: 1 (Stealth)

A – Strongman
R – Dashing Smile

R – The Mighty Hansen

Occult Items:
M – African Talisman (Invisibility)

Dashing Cauliflowers
Gold Tooth (lateral incisor)
‘The Mighty Hansen’ Perfume & Pomade

Champeen o’ the Congo
- Love and fisticuffs in darkest Africa!
A tramp steamer blown awry carries Hansen into darkest Africa. True to form, the pugilist woos the river queens and takes on all comers.

Pinstripe Palooka
- The mobster said his left was weak, so Hansen replied with his right!

The Amazing Adventures of Snapper Hansen
- To win the crowd, he served up a monster!


The Mighty Hansen

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