The Cobra Kid

Hansen's Mexican companion; fighter, lover, devourer of deadly peppers.


The Cobra Kid (Jesús to his mother)

  • Good [+2] Mexican Pugilist
  • Good [+2] Chauffeur
  • Good [+2] Handy
  • Good [+2] Stealthy (like the Puma)
  • Poor [-2] Loyal to a Fault

Mental: OOOO

Mexican Pugilist: quick, mobile and tough as nails. Chauffeur covers automotive acumen in all its forms; also cab-side etiquette. Handy is the Kid with hammer, wrench or needle; if it needs fixin’, Jesús is undeterred. Stealthy covers, well, the usual. Loyal to a Fault is that endearing tendency to go too far on behalf of the Mighty Hansen; lying, stealing, roughing people up, that sort of thing. He means well.


The Cobra Kid

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