Nick Samson-PDQ

The Two Fisted Man of Action and Ace Pilot!


Flyboy +4
Aeronautic Aptitude +2
Brawler +4
Survivor +2
Lining up the shot +2
Plain Spoken +2

Unrelenting -2

Mental OOOO OO

Flyboy, Aeronautic Aptitude – He can handle any crate in the sky. He understands aircraft, how they work, and how to make them work better. And, he looks good in a flight jacket.
Brawler – It ain’t gentlemanly, but he’ll find a way to put a guy down.
Survivor – He keeps going no matter what god forsaken place he finds himself in.
Lining up the shot – In the air or on the ground he’ll get the target in his sights.
Plain Spoken – ’nuf said.

Unrelenting – He’s definitely not a hot head, but when people cross the line he can feel compelled to make sure they don’t cross it again.

The Betty Amphibious Aircraft

Airplane [+6] D Maneuverable [+4] EoU Machine Gun Turret [+4] F Door Mount Gun [+2] F Cargo [+0] F Passengers [+0] F Experimental Aircraft [-2] Damage track: OO OO OO

Nick Samson-PDQ

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