Jebidiah "Jeb" Alverez

A greasy looking, wiry pilot who runs Island Tours in Eta Wongo



  • Pilot [+4]
  • Hustler [+2]
  • Mechanic [+2]
  • Grating Personality [-2]

Damage Tracks:

Body: OOOO
Mental: OOOO


Jeb Alverez was born in New Jersey in 1952. There he learned how to hustle and repair and race cars. In 1968, he made a left turn and found himself and his V8 Barracuda in the ocean on the shores of New Akron. He lost his car to the Squids and used his knowledge of engines to become an aircraft mechanic. He soon tired of working for the man and decided that he was going to get in on this piloting scam. He went to the Lindbergh School of Piloting in New Akron and got his wings. He realized that New Akron had too many pilots, and with his buddy Chauncey from his previous employ, flew out to Eta Wongo and started Small Island Tours. He actually has several pilots and sailors working for him either directly or as subcontractors.

He is a know fixture at Paloni Islands, plying his charter flying business on unsuspecting marks potential customers that stagger out of the casinos.

Jebidiah "Jeb" Alverez

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