Dr. Douglas Quest (PDQ)

Alternate history father of Dr. Benton Quest.


Player: Todd Zircher
Name: Dr. Douglas Quest

Hero Points: 8
Experience: 15 – 12 = 3


  • Man of Science! [expert +4]
  • Enduring Explorer [good +2]
  • Gifted Doctor [expert +4]
  • Curious to a fault [poor -2]
  • Boyish Charm [good +2]
  • Wrench-fu [good +2]

Damage Tracks:

Quest’s Magnificent Light Weight Personal Security Device" (Nick just calls it a Mag-Light.)
[master +6 taser / good +2 baton] a Mag light with a secret taser function

Goggles & Lab coat
Bright red hair

Amazon Tribes, Deep into the Bush
A detailed journal of exploration, survival, and contact with the savages.
Medicine on the New Frontier
Insight and understanding of medical technology in strange days

Man of Science! covers Dr. Quest’s wide breath of scientific knowledge. He’s not a genius in any one field, but he takes the synergy of many to create unique solutions. Enduring Explorer reflects his inner toughness and willpower in overcoming adversity such as trudging through jungles, exploring caverns, or trekking through the desert. Gifted Doctor, the doc has a natural aptitude with the medical arts and the unusual nature of the Hinterlands allows for new techniques and treatments. Of course, all this knowledge did not pop into his head on its own, he is Curious to a fault. Doug’s insatiable curiosity about everything is the driving force behind collecting so much information.

Recently, the regenerative properties in this place have restored some of Dr. Quest’s youthful appearance and re-energized him with a certain Boyish Charm. Always a bit naive, his clean cut and honest manner is charming to some. Douglas was never one to shirk hard work and inventing, so he knows his way around a wrench in art of Wrench Fu. In the Hardwired Hinterlands, that sometimes means applying force to people that need fixing too.


Dr. Douglas Quest (PDQ)

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