The Hardwired Hinterland

The Mighty Hansen!

Episode 2:

In this episode we introduce a new character, The Mighty Hansen! Played by Wilhelm, along with Dr. Quest, played by Todd, and Nick Samson, played by Dirk.

After Sacha gives Doc and Nick $50 to “go have fun”, they are confronted by the owner of Small Island Tours, Jeb Alverez and his chief mechanic Chauncey. Jeb overheard that Sacha wanted Nick to ferry him around the islands of Eta Wongo to “take care of some business.”

Jeb took umbrage about this and engaged Nick and Doc in spirited discussion, which included applicable use of fists and fighting words.

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Hansen and his sidekick, the Cobra Kid, appear out of the blue, interrupting a business deal with the locals. Then they fly down to an island for another shady deal, one that’s going to foreshadow events… but that’s for later.

Tune in next time and find out in our next episode:

Hardwired Hinterland: Hansen Breaks a Leg!


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