The Hardwired Hinterland

The Fight of the Century!

Boxing, bruising, mayhem, air pirates

Episode 5

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Primates of all persuasions, and all creatures great and small! Welcome to the Fight Of The Century!”


Thus begins the fight between Lance “Snapper” Hansen and Bobo the Orangutang. Over the next five rounds they batter each other into a pulp. In the third round Hansen gets clotheslined by Bobo, but in the fourth, he gets back with a swift kick to the gentlemen’s area of Bobo, while that worthy individual was trying to pull an arm off.

The end was never in doubt, as the Mighty Snapper Hansen K’Oed Bobo on the final round. With his face all swollen and one eyed swelled shut, he accepted the accolades of crowd and the titleship belt. Later that night, Louie fetes Hansen at his bar and it’s the greatest business he’s had for weeks. In the morning, Hansen wakes with a girl on both arms, one human, the other a chimp.

Sacha Rodriquez had bet heavily on Bobo to win, and was in a foul mood, but he didn’t fault Hansen for his bad judgement.

On the flight back they were followed by three air pirate planes bearing the colors of Blackjack Del Rio, infamous pirate from Brasilia. They follow them to the edge of New Texas airspace before peeling off. The Betty is escorted across New Texas and along the way, one of the Air Rangers gets an autograph as they fly.

After they leave New Texas airspace, their shadows reappear, three new planes flying Blackjack Del Rio’s colors. A sudden thunderstorm appears, with thunderheads 10 miles tall, and that’s when the pirates strike. They try to coerce Samson to surrender, then attacked when he turns them down.

Air pirates 3

The resulting air fight sees Hansen shooting up to two of the planes, the other getting struck by lightning as it climbed. Just as Nick was ready to drill the lone survivor, Blackjack’s airship, the Carnival, appears out of the clouds, with more fighters hanging underneath. Samson turns and flies away, escaping the clutches of Blackjack Del Rio!

Sadly, Sacha had a crate fall on his legs, breaking both of them!

They arrive safely at the New Akron’s Noonan Field and Sacha is carried off to the local hospital for care.

Hansen settles in to the same block of flats that Quest and Samson live in, waiting for the shipping company to bring him his car.


That’s ‘Lance’, bub. ‘Lance’ Hansen. Git yer facts straight. ;)

The Fight of the Century!

Ooh, neat picture for the pirates! Between that and the Goose in the latest write-up, I’m tempted to go watch Porco Rosso again.

The Fight of the Century!

That’s where I got the picture for the pirates. I had to recolor them so that they match the description. Now I have to get to work editing the last episode.

The Fight of the Century!
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